Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free Store Club

Welcome To Free Store Club

Free Store Club might be described as a worldwide network of Internet store owners. Our world headquarters facility is located in Lexington, NC, on the bustling I-85 corridor connecting Charlotte and Raleigh. From here the company is the central base of operations for a worldwide network of Independent Store Owners.
At the headquarters location, FSC maintains business offices and a full warehouse and shipping operation. Products are stocked and shipped directly from this facility or drop-shipped directly to you from our vendors. FSC also provides a world-class Member Services through our direct Contact the Company back Office Link. Our web server farm, operated and maintained by MarketQ, Inc is located in Orlando, Florida, USA.
When you sign up for your own free store with FSC several important things happen:
FSC creates TWO websites on the World Wide Web that are exclusively yours. The Internet address for these two websites allows anyone with an Internet connection anywhere in the world to visit these sites and see YOUR name or business name right on the front page.

One of the two web sites is your own Retail Internet Store. It is already stocked with hundreds of products that any visitor may order. Any products ordered here mean retail profits to you! Click here to see my Retail store in a separate window.
The other website is your FreeStoreClub Business Opportunity Website. Yours will be just like mine, the one you are viewing now. People who visit this site are invited to become store owners as you did. Later in the tour we'll show you how you can earn residual income from these new owners.
You are invited to download the FSCBoss, our business management console. It's Free! The Boss installs on your compatible computer and makes you a part of the private FreeStoreClub owners network. The FSCBoss is designed to keep you updated on the latest product additions and promotions, business and motivational tips, allowing you to run your business from your easy chair with the latest in cutting-edge technology!
To learn more about Free Store Club and how you fit into the picture, click the pay plan button at the top of this page!
If you've seen enough and are ready to get your OWN Free Store, click the sign up button!
How do you get to Free Store Club, right here:http://WJMgiftsandmore.fsc2.com

Friday, May 9, 2008

Services Offered By WJMCC1953 MARKETING


I'd like to talk to you about the services that are offered by WJMCC1953 MARKETING, and how we'll do that, is first talk about the lead company and that company is Lighthouse America.

WJMCC1953 MARKETING has been associated with Lighthouse America since 2005.

Mr.Paul Burks is the President and founder of the mentioned company and has a number of different companies doing business on the Internet. A company called NewNetMail which is private Internet Mail Service, which you the general public can JOIN FOR FREE. NewNetMail is encrypted and it also comes with an Instant Messenger Service which is also encrypted. NewNetMail is a unique online communications network offering Internet mail and instant messaging services which are both secure and private. It does not use the traditional email system, therefore you will NEVER receive a letter from someone you have not invited to write to you! Once you experience the clean world of NewNetMail you will never want to go back to old-fashioned email again. How NewNetMail Works

Old-fashioned email is: A public system where anyone can send any kind of letter to anyone else. Because of commercial junk mail it has become all but unusable for many people. NewNetMail is: A private system where subscribers may correspond only with other subscribers to whom they have exchanged permission to send mail to each other. With NNM you will NEVER receive junk mail. A public system where security is non-existent. Email travels over a public network, unencrypted and easily intercepted, copied or diverted. A private system where security is automatic. Every letter is encrypted with the same level of security used by banks and the US Government . The list goes on and on, what you want to do is sign up for a FREE SUBSCRIPTION and take it for a test drive and see what you think. As a Free Member you can have 11 members join your group. Then after the 11 you would have to upgrade to the Basic Paid Subscription of $12.95, but stop and think about it NewNetMail will give you a functional Website and train you and not charge you one penny, then they'll let you start up your group and let you have 11 members before you would have to upgrade. Believe me once your on the system for any length of time and you get your friends or associates to join you'll want to up grade.
NNM Professional Account Subscriber / Affiliates The Professional Account subscriber / affiliates have chosen to one of our three monthly subscriptions:
Basic ($12.95 / month)
Pacesetter ($24.95 / month
Master ($49.95 / month)
Personal / Small Business Account Subscriber / AffiliatesThese subscribers pay $29.99 per year base rate for full and complete mail and messaging services and purchase additional full featured courtesy accounts as needed for family members, friends and business employees and associates.

How you become an affiliate and earn commissions:
Free subscribers are not eligible to earn referral fees and commissions. All monthly and yearly subscribers are automatically considered to be affiliates and are eligible to earn referral commissions. No separate affiliate enrollment is required.
NNM Affiliates fall into one of two groups:
Affiliate Earnings Plans:
1.Those who appreciate the opportunity to earn referral fees or commissions in an amount that reimburses them for the cost of their own NewNetMail service. Of course, the people they refer can do the same thing by referring their own friends, family members, or associates.Since they invite others to join the NNM family in order to communicate with them in the private, secure and dependable NNM environment, this makes good economic sense for many.
2.Those who offer NNM to others in order to build their own home business which can help them meet their personal financial goals by providing a part or full time long - term income.NewNetMail offers both types of Affiliates the opportunity to meet their own goals.
Affiliate Earnings Plans
Affiliates earn income in one or a combination of three ways:

1. Direct Commissions.You are eligible to earn a 20% commission on each person you refer to the service at the $29.99 per year level. The commission is also paid at 20% for any additional courtesy subscriptions your referral may purchase. This commission is paid each year the referral maintains an active subscription.
2. All subscribers, free and paid, are placed in Quantum Five pay structure when they initially subscribe. The details of this part of the affiliate commission system are available by clicking here A separate window will open Again, although Free and Personal subscribers are placed in this structure, they can not earn from it until they have upgraded to one of the Professional levels.
As you can see, NewNetMail offers it's subscribers not only the world's best Private Internet Mail and Messenger service, but also an excellent way to earn as much as you want while using it!

Next we'll be talking about Free Store Club, don't miss it! Thank you for taking time to read our blog, and have a great day.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Great New Search Engine with a local connection

An Internet Marketing Company
We Look Into The Future With You!

The next generation of Internet Search Technology will be publicly launched this spring. A very limited number of people have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor and enjoy the kind of benefits that only venture capitalists have been able to receive before. What we are doing is giving our customers and affiliates the opportunity to share in the profits of this unique new search technology for the next 10 years. In fact, if you act quickly, you could claim a piece of this pie for the rest of your life. You can even will it to your heirs. What if you had known about "baby" Google or "baby" Yahoo before they were even introduced to the public. Would you have taken advantage of the early opportunity to participate in their launch if you could also share in the future profits. Think about how much money you could have made! What you want to do is click on this link:http://wjmcc.newnetquest.com Go view the demo and then click on the "About Quest" and read all the information there and if you're interested then click on the Join Now button and give the information requested, and then e-mail us at our sales office at
salesoffice@wjmcc1953marketing.com and we'll get back in touch you. We will give you fair warning, do not drag your feet about joining because there will only be 1,000 shares total and that is it and once they're gone, they're gone for ever. So, go view the demo and read the information and join up before it's too late.